Your Grief Skills

Although the death of a loved one can unleash a tsunami of grief, you can still lean on your hard-earned experience.



Grief is Love Lost (GILL) is designed to be seamlessly integrated into your website and serve as a grief support resource for your business. There are over 60 sessions, each brief and focused (2-5 minutes), allowing your clients to listen to what they need to hear as they move through their grief process.

GILL serves as an ongoing marketing tool. Many of your clients will remain connected after the loss of their loved one and pass their beneficial association with your business on to others they know.

There are 2 partially overlapping versions of GILL: one designed for funeral homes and the other for Hospice.

We’ve also developed a one-page handout for Directors to use which will help communicate GILL to their clients. It’s designed to be provided during the initial arrangement meeting. Download it at the link below:

Download – Grief Is Love Lost Marketing Support, Funeral Homes
Download – Grief Is Love Lost Marketing Support, Hospice Programs

Several examples of how GILL has been integrated into subscriber’s websites can be viewed at:


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Hospice Playlists

We are pleased to offer Grief is Love Lost as a self-directed resource in our hospice program.

GRIEF IS LOVE LOST: Audio sessions for coping with grief.

Grief isn’t curable. But over time and with productive attention to our grief, we learn to manage it, and acquire the strength, vigilance and courage to embrace a goal of hope and happiness.

The mission of Hospice is to provide a loving and compassionate setting to guide us through the death process. Grief is Love Lost is a caring companion to Hospice, helpful before, during and after the loss of a loved one.

Listen now to this first 2 minute session.

There are more than 60 sessions available below.

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