Nora McInerny

Grief Insights

Within a few months in 2014, Nora McInerny lost a pregnancy and both her father and husband to cancer. Her 4 books and her podcast, “Hot young widows club,” deal with the reality that we don’t simply “move on” from grief. In fact, she abhors that phrase, as it implies that grief happens in a moment or an episode. What we really do is move forward, because the person that grief makes us is different than the person we previously were.

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Alison Diaries: 7 Months after

I can see how my thinking has evolved since those first few awful months. Early on, I realized that in order to swim back to the surface and breathe again, I’d have to get to where this was about me and not just her anymore. I thought, “Yes, I’m stuck in the mud, overwhelmed with feelings of emptiness, confusion and fear about my ability to recover. But I won’t recover unless I stop analyzing what actually happened to her and focus on what’s best for me.”

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