The grief we feel when someone dies is in proportion to the love we felt for them when they were living.

The realization that someone precious to us is forever lost can be so overwhelming that we may think, “How can I go on?” Or, “Will I ever be the same?”

Grief isn’t curable. But over time and with productive attention to our grief, we learn to manage it, and acquire the strength, vigilance and courage to embrace a goal of hope and happiness.

Listen Now – Grief is Love Lost

For nearly four decades, Dr. Canine has counseled countless people through their grief. Along with his scholarly approach to grief research, Canine is an expert in the field. In this series of audio sessions, he shares many personal and poignant stories of his experience with patients.

Though GRIEF is but 5 letters, the topic is immense. That’s why we decided to break it up into many small pieces to allow listeners to digest these sessions at a comfortable pace.

Eli Zaret lends his voice to both probe Canine’s vast pool of knowledge and to share his own journey in dealing with the painful loss by suicide of his beloved daughter, Alison.

Yes, grief is love lost. But with the ability to love still in our hearts, we can move forward from our loss and become better people in the process.

Feel free to share these powerful lessons. In doing so, you may help others deal with their loss, and in the process, move you a few steps closer to coping with yours.