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Dr. John Canine EDD, PhD

Dr. John CanineDr. John Canine is a nationally known psychotherapist, author, speaker, educator and counselor on the topic of grief and loss.

Before earning two Masters and two Doctoral Degrees in his specialty, Dr. Canine was a basketball star at Ohio University earning first-team Mid-American Conference honors.

Dr. Canine has written three books and continues to share his decades of experience as an instructor at Wayne State University in Detroit, MI and as President of Maximum Living Consultants in Lake Orion, Michigan.

Eli Zaret

Eli-ZaretEli Zaret was a radio and television sports reporter for 40 years in both Detroit and New York. When his 31-year-old daughter, Alison, died by suicide in 2018, he began seeing Dr. Canine for grief therapy.

Zaret connected with Canine through their mutual interest in sports and from the insights he gained in their many therapy sessions. Together, doctor and patient decided to combine their skills and create the "Grief is Love Lost" audio series.